Saddleworth Captured: looking through your lens

LONG days and, thankfully, not a great deal of bad weather means only one thing – more chance to photograph Saddleworth’s scenery.

And many of you have taken full advantage of the opportunity, as this month’s Saddleworth Captured shows.

Star image by Alan Keane

And Star Image shows someone getting a double chance of using what is on their doorstep in Alan Keane’s photo of a runner looking over a stunning view.

The light – and even some of the half-light – can result in brilliant pictures as Matthew Whalley, Stephen Powers, Anthony Whalley, Paul Taylor and Richard Clare showed.

By Chris Marshall

Peter Liggins captured both the tones cast in Dobcross and also how steep the hill is with is submission, while bright days can be great for animals.

Chris Marshall could not resist showing a dog loving the conditions while Katie Adcock snapped a familiar sight to the area’s farmers at this time of year, lambs.

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