Saddleworth Captured: Looking through your lens

AS THE saying goes, ‘That’s more like it,’ when it comes to recent summer weather.

And many of you have been getting out and about and enjoying what Saddleworth has to offer.

Once again that has meant a great array of photographs to choose from for this month’s Saddleworth Captured.

But as Francis Wilson showed, sometimes it is best to let the scenery speak louder than the colour as this black and white image of the Trinnacle stones gets our vote as this month’s Star Image.

Saddleworth Captured – Francis Wilson – STAR IMAGE

The bright colours were impossible to resist, however, as photos from Lee Cullen, Matthew Wren and Andrew Matley showed.

And the conditions have been ideal weather to take the car for a spin, as Tony Wallace caught in his picture.

As we have seen, the skies can look a bit moodier and Jeremy Kay was able to snap them looming over houses.

However, sunsets and sunrises ca be sensational and Paul Daniel captured on brilliantly at Strinesdale.

The weather can make parks look brilliant, as Peter Liggins’ picture in Uppermill shows and Max Woodvine caught the moment the area’s wildlife soaked up the rays.

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