Saddleworth Captured: looking through your lens

DESPITE one final blast of heat, it is fair to say that summer has given way to Autumn.

But while the temperatures may be cooling, the colour schemes on show are definitely growing.

That means the area’s beauty can be shown in many different tomes of red, yellow and orange, as well as green and blue (when the weather is OK!)

Star Image by Chris Moore

And Saddleworth Independent readers did not pass up the opportunity with a series of brilliant pictures.

Yet that last sight of sustained sunny weather also provided fine shots.

This month’s star image, and the £20 prize, goes to Chris Moore, who as he says, snapped a runner ‘chasing the sun in case we don’t see it again this year’.

By Angela Tate-Wright

That funny yellow object in the sky also meant great photos from Melanie Lamb, Matthew Wren and Tony Wallace, while the changeable conditions were caught brilliantly by Des Thorpe.

Colours are set to dominate the landscape with the coming season, with Darron Wrigley and Angela Tate-Wright capturing a kaleidoscope of natural and manmade tones.

As we know, with the sun can follow rain, all too quickly, and Phil Spencer caught drops on a spider’s web, while Martyn Gaunt took to the skies to catch Uppermill.

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