Saddleworth Captured: Looking through your lens

GO on, admit it. The only picture many of you want to see is one of a roaring fire or a radiator.

But the drop in temperatures – and the arrival of the white stuff – has not put off Independent readers from getting fantastic photos.

Even though it is cold, sometimes very cold, you have still been out and about, capturing the area’s beauty.

STAR IMAGE by Claire Marsland

Claire Marsland wins this month’s star image and the £20 prize for her cheeky snap of a cow looking straight down the lens.

Richard Clare could not resist capturing sheep soaking up what may be the last meaningful sun we see for a long time – it may be in the sky but what happened to the warmth?

Street scenes may be a simple idea for a picture but when they are caught as well as Stephen Lovett did in Dobcross and Andrew Rudder did in Uppermill by night, they can provide fantastic pictures.

Finally, seen as it did arrive, it would be remiss to neglect the snow and the white tone it spread across Saddleworth.

Craig Hannah, Victoria Helen, Thorsten Babetzki and Alan Keane all managed to catch different perspectives cast by the weather on the area.

Matthew Wren managed to catch a scene of what lay beneath – but it still looks pretty cold!

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  1. Such beautiful pictures not only of sunsets and sunrises, but of the snow and today’s one looking through your lens.Thankyousomuch and hope to carry on enjoying your pictures.🤗🤗🙏🙏

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