Saddleworth Captured: looking through your lens

IT may be a new year but some things do not change – the weather cannot make its mind up and Saddleworth’s ability to provide great pictures.

Another thing that does not change is Saddleworth Independent readers’ brilliance in capturing them on camera.

And given the changeable conditions, there is a wide range of scenes.

Saddleworth Captured – Matthew Wren – STAR IMAGE

This month’s star image goes to Matthew Wren for his stunning photograph showing the church at Friezland and the stars above it.

Clouds featured heavily in submissions by Colin Crawford, with a brilliant image of an inversion, and Ian Walker with Manchester city centre poking through.

There have been moments when the sun dominated and Thorsten Babetzki’s stunning photograph was joined by Craig Hannah’s image in Greenfield.


It may be winter but leaves are still there from autumn and Angela Tate-Wright caught a visitor checking out the tones while Andrew Matley also captured the colours they cast.

And it would not be January without seeing snow and Rosie Littlewood and Paul Davies braved the chill to show what it can do to the scenery.

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