Saddleworth captured: Saddleworth through your lens

WELL, if there is one good thing to have come from winter and lockdown, it is the opportunity for people to capture Saddleworth’s beauty on camera.

And many of you have certainly grasped the chance as our newly-named Saddleworth Captured section shows.

The Independent asked its readers and social media followers to get out and send in the finest photographs of the area.

And it is fair to say, we were blown away by the response.

Wayne Smith captured a sensational moonrise above Alderman’s Hill and the Pots and Pans war memorial, while Corinne Copeland captured some rare sunshine against Heights Church, Delph.

Also in Delph, Paul Holland captured a spectacular aerial view over the village.

Animals also provide opportunities, with Mark Taylor catching the Greenfield Sheep Gym Team going through a training session and Tony Martin disturbing some Highland cattle’s lunch.

The canal which runs through Uppermill provided some picture perfect moments, with Mark Hirst catching the reflection a fallen log cause in the water while Sue Baron caught the nearby houses.

And it just would not be winter without Alan Bishop catching Winter Hill in the background from Winter Wild Camp and Dani Jones getting the snow on a stile.

If you want to contribute to Saddleworth Captured, you can either email photos as a JPEG attachment to

Or you can post them in our Saddleworth Captured group on Facebook group:

Star picture
Every month the Independent team has the challenging job of picking one photograph that really stands out from the rest to win a £20 cash prize.

This month, the picture that caught our eye was the moonrise above Alderman’s Hill and Pots and Pans taken by Wayne Smith.

STAR PHOTO the moon over Aldermans

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