Saddleworth Carers Group receive vital funding boost

A LOCAL group dedicated to helping people provide care for close family members has received a funding boost.

Saddleworth Carers Group was formed by Dr Eamonn O’Daly in 2006, after he realised there was a gap in provision locally for those whose personal circumstances required them to care for people closest to them.

Dr O’Daly knew all too well the challenges that this situation creates, from his own personal and professional experiences of caring for his sick wife.

Dr Eamonn O’Daly (right) with guests at Saddleworth Carers Group Christmas Party in 2022

Sadly, caring for partners and close family members has only increased and, as such, the Carers Group has expanded, with others providing a helping hand to Dr O’Daly to run it.

The group gives support, respite and companionship to as many people as possible. It meets twice a month in Saddleworth, providing a safe environment for like-minded people to relax.

There are also speakers who offer relevant information and advice on a range of topics that may help members cope with their daily and long-term needs.

But running a support network like the Carers Group does not come without cost and finding the money to continue providing such a charitable service has become more challenging in the midst of the cost-of-living crisis.

But Saddleworth Rotary Club were in a position to provide some financial support, following the success of this year’s Wellifest Music Festival and Saddleworth Show, which the club runs in conjunction with Oldham Metro Rotary Club.

So, organisers kindly donated £1,500 to the Saddleworth Carers Group, to assist in securing their invaluable services to local people.

Speaking to the group at a recent meeting, Jon Stocker outlined some of the work Rotarians did locally and stated that Rotary Club members were happy to support the group, which has a role to play locally in helping carers cope with the challenges they face.

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  1. Pretty cynical about much of the charitable stuff that’s going on these days, (17 different homeless charities operating in the NW alone, for example,) but this seem to me and speaking here as carer myself to be a genuinely good, “good cause,” and one well worth supporting.

    Disability and it’s consequences and burdens aren’t really real for most people until it happens to them personally.

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