Saddleworth Civic Trust joins debate on Neighbourhood Plan

SADDLEWORTH CIVIC Trust has joined the debate about a new Neighbourhood Plan and submitted a proposal to the Parish Council.

Meg Langton, spokesperson for the Civic Trust, said: “There is no point in producing another planning document unless it will make a real difference.

“Present plans are focussed on how many houses can be accommodated in Saddleworth and where they should go. The recent proposals for Fletcher’s Mill are a good example of this.

“Saddleworth is a special and distinctive place and should be highly valued as such, not only by the borough, but in Greater Manchester and the wider region. It should be strongly protected and development should take place in a sensitive way.

“We have drafted a vision for Saddleworth and how we want it to develop. Key objectives that we feel should underpin the policies in the plan have also been produced.

“We believe these are in line with present thinking on the Parish Council and have submitted them to the Council as a basis for discussion and debate.”

The Civic Trust’s vision is that Saddleworth will play an important role in the future of Oldham Borough, Greater Manchester and the wider region.

The distinctive Pennine character of its built environment, historic landscape and moorlands will be strongly protected and, except in very special circumstances, residential growth and other development will be limited to areas outside of the present green belt.

The area, with its natural beauty and strong historic and cultural attractions, will be a key recreational area for Oldham Borough, Greater Manchester and the wider area as well as a nationally recognised tourist destination.

Housing will be a mix of small affordable units as well as larger properties. As an important commuter area, public transport will enable Saddleworth to make a sustainable contribution to the economic growth of the wider area.

Increasingly, knowledge-based light industries, suited to Saddleworth’s rural infrastructure, will provide local employment opportunities.

Saddleworth Civic Trust was founded in 1964 by Roger Tanner and other leading Saddleworth residents to improve and beautify Saddleworth. Over the years they have planted hundreds of trees and bulbs, carried out environmental improvement projects, and

The Chapel Garden at Delph was saved from development in 2002-03 by a campaign involving the Trust.


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