Saddleworth Hydro open to public for Community Energy Fortnight celebration

Saddleworth Community Hydro is opening its doors to the public as part of Community Energy Fortnight 2017.

The turbine house for the Saddleworth Community Hydro

The group designed and launched an innovative turbine at Dovestone Reservoir – the first high head system in England to use an existing dam.

They have been generating renewable electricity for around three years, and recently launched a Fund to help others turn their projects into realities.

Now, locals can get a glimpse inside the turbine house at an Open Day on Saturday, July 1 from 10am to 4pm.

The group said: “By inviting the public to visit, we are giving them a unique chance to see our award-winning project in action.

“We hope our event inspires others to generate and/or save energy for the benefit of their own local communities, themselves, and our environment.

“We are now in a position to use profits to provide grants of up to £500 for local organisations to improve sustainability. If you think you may be interested in applying, do come and have a chat.

“We are also keen to encourage visits from schools, youth groups and other voluntary societies, so why not come to the Open Day to see whether a trip to Saddleworth Community Hydro would be good for your organisation?”

Now in its fourth year, the Community Energy Fortnight showcases some of Britain’s best locally-run projects and special events are being held throughout the country.

For more information go online: or other Community Energy Fortnight events can be found online at:


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