Saddleworth mum documents 2,000 days with a daily photo to focus her life

IT is said a picture paints 1,000 words – in which case a Saddleworth mum could easily fill a book with the 2,000 photographs she has taken over the last five years.

On Friday, November 2019 Bev Ridyard, who lives in Diggle, celebrates the milestone, having taken a photo to celebrate her daily life over the last five years.

Bev, owner of Inspired By Joseph photography, started her challenge at her 12-week scan photo for her son Joseph and has never looked back.

“My life was starting a new chapter and I decided the best way to document it was through a photograph a day,” she explained.

“I never thought it would last so long – and now I can’t stop!  It has literally changed my life.

“I couldn’t have done it without the support of my husband Jonny, who has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and do what makes me happy – and take the odd photo too of course!”

Always a keen photographer, Bev purchased her first DSLR camera from her first pay-check when she was Head of Airline Marketing at Manchester Airport.

Then when Joseph was born, she took the plunge and set up her own photography business, named after her son.

“Truthfully, there are days when capturing a moment is not a priority but I’m motivated to keep progressing,” admitted Bev, now also mum to Victoria.

“We all have wonderful and rubbish days but what’s wrong with being in the middle and celebrating that?

“This project is for the future. In ten, twenty, thirty years’ time, these photos will be an important part of our family history.

“I know Joseph and Victoria may not remember this time of life which makes the photos priceless.

“Plus it’s simple to miss the often mundane, everyday stories which quickly vanish as kids grow up and new priorities take over.”

Bev switches between her phone or camera, depending on circumstance, and describes the majority of her photos as documenting average, everyday life.

Unsurprisingly, she is a massive fan of the selfie stick and carries one dutifully in her bag to make sure everyone can get involved in her pictures.

“People often stop and stare while I’m directing but I don’t care!” Bev laughed. “We can’t rely on others to take the photo for us, it is our responsibility.”

When Bev is photographing clients, part of her mission is to inspire them to capture better photos too.

“I love inspiring others when it comes to photography,” she said. “I also run photo challenges and workshops for kids as well as sharing Mum Stories.

“Photographs are our legacy and we must celebrate that!”

Find out more about Bev’s work on her website or Facebook page.

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