Saddleworth Outdoor keeps it local and eco-friendly

AN UPPERMILL business is playing its part in protecting the planet by expanding its ranges of clothes and items that are organic, sustainable, fairtrade and eco-friendly.

Saddleworth Outdoor, on the village High Street, offers an extensive selection of footwear, clothing, bags, maps and accessories which are perfect for those exploring the surrounding countryside.

Now they are focusing on the products they sell being environmentally friendly so customers can help save the world at the same time.

Steven Lees, who runs the shop, also prides himself on working with local businesses to manufacture and sell products in the area and benefit the economy.

He explained: “Our Rimmon range is all organic, sustainable, fairtrade and eco-friendly items and it’s been really popular.

“We started work on the range in summer 2018 when Millie Luke, who lives in Springhead, was working with me. She’s a very bright young lady and very conscious about what is going on with the environment and planet.

“She asked if I sold anything eco-friendly but I didn’t – so we started brainstorming a few ideas.

“She came up with a concept for t-shirt including turtles, ocean and pollution and I decided to add some inspiring phrases, such as ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ (Gandhi) and ‘It’s time for a revolution of values’ (Martin Luther King).

“The range is called Rimmon, based on the Saddleworth folktale of Alderman and Rimmon, to keep it local too.”

The range has proved so popular that Steve has now extended it to include hoodies, zoodies and tops for men and women.

The store also sells bags made from fabric from Mallalieus and produced in Springhead, as well as Kipling bags which are all vegan products.

There’s also Saddleworth themed t-shirts – with designs incorporating Pots and Pans, the trinnacle, and the villages – and sunglasses by Waterhaul, which are made from recycled fishing nets from beaches in Newquay.

Steven added: “I was unsure about what to expect when we opened up again after Covid but business has happily been well above all expectations. 

“Lots of people have started walking during lockdown and are coming in for new gear so they can get out and enjoy the area.”

• Saddleworth Outdoor is open seven days a week: 10am-5pm on Monday to Saturday and 11am-4pm on Sunday. Visit them at 45 High Street, Uppermill or go online:

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