Saddleworth Parish Council signs up to Pledge to Peace 

SADDLEWORTH Parish Council has shown its support for the area’s thriving peace movement by signing the Pledge to Peace.

The Pledge, which is administered by the Percorsi Peace Association in Italy, has been signed by organisations and individuals worldwide, reflecting their commitment to peace.

Cllr Barbara Beeley, chairman of Saddleworth Parish Council, signing the Pledge to Peace

It commits the council to working with other organisations across the area and the world to ensure that it stands up for peace.

Councillor Barbara Beeley, Parish Council Chairman, said: “We have unfortunately seen recently how easy it is for tensions to break, and for what seemed unthinkable to happen.

“That reminds us that it is important – at every level – to remember the impacts of our actions, and to commit to always working together for a more peaceful society.

“Saddleworth Parish Council has long supported our villages’ thriving peace movement, the Saddleworth Peace Group. They have regular events to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, the Anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings, and Armistice Day.

“We are looking forward to working even more closely together with groups across the district, in particular our churches, to ensure we always keep this at the forefront of our community’s life.”

The signed Pledge will be returned to the Percorsi Association to mark the District’s commitment.

The Parish joins Oldham Borough Council and Shaw & Crompton Parish Council as signatories of the Pledge, making it the only borough in the country where all levels of council have signed the commitment.

More than fifty local and regional organisations have signed the Pledge and joined the Oldham Pledge to Peace Forum. Local organisations include the Saddleworth Peace Group; Saddleworth School; St Chads Primary School, Uppermill; St Mary’s School, Greenfield; St Anne’s Primary School, Lydgate; and Knowsley Junior School, Springhead.

More details about the Pledge to Peace can be found here.

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