Saddleworth past meets Saddleworth present in new book

A NEW book comparing Saddleworth’s past with its present-day incarnation has been released in time for Christmas.

This photographic volume has been compiled with attention to detail by brothers, Michael and Peter Fox.

‘Past into Present’, sold exclusively through Saddleworth Museum, follows on from their popular 2019 publication, Saddleworth in Camera, 1955-1966.

Writing in the forward to the new edition, which sells for £12.50, the brothers say: “Comparing an old photograph of a particular location with one taken at the same spot at the present day never fails to fascinate.

“The authors have long had the intention of producing a selection of such scenes in Saddleworth.

“Why it is only now a book has come to fruition is because what, at first sight, promises to be a straightforward task quickly proves to be beset with difficulties.

“There is the unrestricted growth of trees, continuous lines of parked cars, the visual clutter of road signs, double-yellow lines and tall streetlights, the appearance of new buildings and the discovery where the first photographer had stood is now in the middle of a busy main road.

“The list of obstacles in the way of the present-day photographer is as endless as it is frustrating.

“Trusting that their efforts to overcome these many impediments have been successful. And the authors are confident the reader will enjoy this exploration of how the buildings, landscape and people of Saddleworth have changed over the last hundred years or so.

“Landscapes continually evolve and the ‘present’ scenes in this book are already history.

“It is the hope of the authors this book will inspire others to make their own photographic record of the district. They can be sure that Saddleworthians of the future will be grateful.”

The softback book, with colour and black and white images, has an initial print run of 500 copies. It can be purchased at the museum shop in Uppermill or by mail order via our online shop.

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