Saddleworth Patients Group to hold special meeting about healthcare and well-being

LOCALS across Saddleworth are invited to a special meeting of the Saddleworth Patients’ Group on Tuesday, November 6.

Delph Surgery

The event will be held at Delph Surgery on Gartside Street, opening at 1pm with light refreshments to start the meeting at 1.30pm, and all patients and members of the public are welcome.

At the meeting, you will be informed:

  • How the NHS in Oldham and nationally is changing to enable closer working relationships to be formed by all health care workers with NHS workers and other agencies. Among the many benefits will be a clearer idea how we can all help ourselves to look after our own health better.
  • To put this into practice six clusters are being created in Oldham. Saddleworth is in the east group with six other practices including Lees Road and Leesbrook.
  • The increased part your patients’ group can play with your help.

Present at the meeting will be:

  • Debbie Clough who is in charge of the implementation of the clusters
  • Members of the Patients’ Group which includes the community worker from the Less and Saddleworth District Partnership team
  • A representative from Age UK
  • Oldham Leisure representative (to be confirmed)
  • Practice Matron Jane Storer
  • Practice Pharmacist (to be confirmed)

This meeting is seen as an illustration of the extensive number of agencies who are all aiming to improve the health and well-being at Saddleworth Medical Practice.

If there are other agencies who have not been invited please come along and give brief details of the part you can play in the quest for better health and well-being.

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