Saddleworth pub may tell drivers to pay for car parking

A GREENFIELD pub says it has been forced to look into introducing car parking charges because so many just dump their vehicles on the site.

The Kingfisher, which stands next to the Tesco supermarket in Chew Valley Road, says tens of spots a day are taken up by those not using it.

So in a bid to combat the problem – and to prevent freeloaders n future – it is considering introducing charges.

The Kingfisher Pub in Greenfield

If they come in, any money will then be deducted from customers’ bills.

On the whole, news of the proposed fee has been well received, especially as it will then be reimbursed.

The pub’s bosses revealed their frustration as they said: “We are currently exploring options with our car park and are looking in the coming weeks to move to paid parking.

“We are sorry to have to do this but as we stand right now before we even open our doors we have lost more than 30 parking spaces to cars not using our business.

“This unfortunately has become unsustainable.”

In another move, The Kingfisher will be joining a growing number of businesses and venues where drivers of electric cars will be able to charge their vehicle in the coming weeks.

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  1. I no longer use this pub, as on the past four occasions it has failed to provide the Marston flagship beer Pedigree, which is frankly a disgrace for any brewery-owned outlet!

    Upon asking why it was never available the reply was even more astounding, “we don’t sell much of it”!

    Well, you won’t if you never have it available and those of us that enjoy beer rather than lager are continually disappointed at the bar.

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