Saddleworth pupils inspired to positive state of mind and health

JIMMY Gittins from the State of Mind charity delivered an emotional and inspirational presentation to year 11 students at Saddleworth School to raise awareness of the importance of pupil mental health and well-being. 

The emotive session was packed with advice on hard-hitting issues such as suicide prevention, alcohol dependency and how to combat stress and anxiety.

Jimmy, who was paralysed from the neck downwards during a rugby match in 2002, gave out top tips on how to best control your breathing to help relaxation ahead of examinations. 

He focused on the need for our students to look after one another and reach out with a kind word or the hand of friendship to any of their peers that might be showing signs of struggling with their mental health.

Jimmy left the best for last when he stunned the year group by hoisting himself out his wheelchair at the end of his speech, something he had been told would never be possible when he first suffered his accident. 

Indeed, more than a few pupils shed a tear as Jimmy gave his account of astonishing resilience in the face of adversity which had taken him from the brink of suicide to becoming the father, husband and the incredible ambassador he is today. 

Saddleworth School will be helping raise money for this worthy cause as part of one of its non-uniform days in 2019.

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