Saddleworth School closed to all students

SADDLEWORTH School will close to all pupils on Tuesday, October 10.

The site on Huddersfield Road in Diggle, which was open as normal today (Monday, October 9), has posted a statement out to parents and carers.

In it they state ‘significant problems’ with the buildings water supply. Earlier that morning, a water main had burst in the proximity of the school.

A statement from headteacher Mr Anderson says:

“Many areas of school were without running water.

This evening, engineers have been on site and although they have managed to diagnose the problem, they have not been able to repair the fault to restore our water supply.”

More details are expected tomorrow but for the interim, all pupils should remain at home.

Mr Anderson added:

“We understand that this closure will be disruptive for parents and apologises for the inconvenience caused. We aim to be open as normal Wednesday, October 11 and once engineers have been able to provide further information will update parents/carers.”

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