Saddleworth School toasts ‘thrilling’ GCSE results

SADDLEWORTH School pupils have been hailed for their ‘exceptional achievements’ as they picked up their GCSE results.

And headteacher Mike Anderson believes what they have gained through their effort and application shows their ‘huge potential.’

Teenagers gathered at the Diggle-based establishment to find out what they had earned in this year’s exams.

Some of the students with their results.

Overall, the feeling was one of joy, with the vast majority of tears being shed for happy reasons.

It led to the utmost praise from Mr Anderson, who said: “We are thrilled with the exceptional achievements of our students this year.

“The hard work and commitment demonstrated by our students throughout their academic journey has been truly inspiring.

“Their dedication and tenacity has culminated in some superb results and students are quite rightly very proud of their achievements.

“Their success is also a testament to our school community.

“Throughout their time at Saddleworth, our students have been supported by our staff and families, who have played a pivotal role in empowering our students to be so successful and making sure they are well equipped to progress to the next stages of their education.

“Celebrating our students’ achievements with them has been a privilege.

“Their accomplishments reflect the huge potential they all have and the bright futures they have ahead of them.

“We are very proud of them and wish them the very best of luck for the future.”

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