Saddleworth Travel: Southern Hemisphere Holidays

By Peter Mills

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LAST MONTH I referred to the fact that our dark Winter months are Summer in the Southern hemisphere and I am looking at the map in the office and thinking of some of the great destinations awaiting the adventurous traveller.

p35 Rio Panorama
Rio de Janiero

I have just booked for a customer to go to the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in February which I imagined would cost a fortune but ten days on Copacabana Beach in a 4-star hotel was less than £3,000 for a couple.

At the same time I have had a customer who has booked a 17-night cruise from Rio around the Horn to Santiago, Chile, which covers some of the world’s great cities and its wildest and most beautiful places – and I am truly jealous.

It is worth noting the Olympics are in Rio in 2016, giving another great reason to consider the long haul flight.

Moving across the map I am looking at Namibia, Botswana and South Africa which are all safe and incredibly varied places to visit with wonderful scenery wildlife and cities all waiting to be experienced.

With current international exchange rates these places have rarely been better value than now.

It doesn’t have to be all Cape Town and Safari either as there are so many things to do you could be tired out by the time you leave, and there are also some beautiful Indian Ocean beach resorts to relax in as well.

Borneo is another place I have always found fascinating and you could combine a great beach/diving holiday with a jungle exploration in search of the orangutans of Sabah for a truly unique holiday.

I would normally finish this piece with a paragraph on the joys of Australia but after last weekend’s rugby the last thing I want to do is try to boost their economy!

Lots of options to think about so come in and see us for some good advice.


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