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Travel programmes on tv
Advertisement Feature by Peter Mills at Saddleworth Travel

I love travel programmes on the TV and I watch as many as I can, although I am a bit picky over my choice of presenter.

I have enjoyed Dara and Edd’s Road to Mandalay on the BBC recently and have watched all of Simon Reeves’s offering in the last few years.

I often see a correlation between good travel shows and enquiries in the shop as people are inspired to venture to new destinations.

It is a little annoying the shows gloss over the difficulties that a real traveller would have trying to replicate their journeys without a massive budget, film crew, team of ‘fixers’, etc.

I used to work in retail and I remember being a little shocked that two years before a Christmas a massive meeting of supposed ‘rivals’ in the decorations and presents sectors took place at which all the colours and themes of that year would be decided and agreed upon.

I suppose it had to happen to avoid the risk of one of them going hard on Gold/Red while everyone else was flooded with Purple/Silver, but maybe I was naïve. I don’t believe that sort of thing happens in travel but I have to admit I have been bemused by the amount of interest in Costa Rica this year.

I have seen a couple of Channel 4 programmes on ecotourism but nothing to build up this level of enthusiasm for what I always thought was a niche destination.

It surprises me on a couple of levels because the programmes I have seen stress the delicate nature of the ecosystem and the price fixing going on to reduce the risk of mass tourism. The other point is that most people can’t point to it on the big map on my wall.

So Costa Rica then? The flights will be a nightmare and they actively want you to pay through the nose for the best sights but if you can afford all that it has the Caribbean and the Pacific with a rain forest and Volcanoes in between. What’s not to like?

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