Saddleworth travel: We’re all going on a summer holiday… or are we?

By Peter Mills, (Advertisement feature)

IS this the new normal? If it is then it’s a very confusing time and forward planning is just something for the wish list.

People like to book their holidays well in advance so they can maximise the anticipation and have an answer to the “anything planned for the holidays?” question. Well that’s not happening, now is it?

Peter Mills, Saddleworth TravelThe way the Government advice keeps changing, both here and abroad, you have no idea where to book and whether you will be allowed to travel come departure date and with the picture on travel insurance being no clearer you have no idea if your money is safe if things go wrong.

I have no doubt that there is a massive pent up demand for holidays just waiting for a green light that is clear and unequivocal. That may be part of the problem as the Government can’t face the risk of several million people jetting off in all directions and returning from their destinations to flood the health services and mortuaries.

So they will keep the confusion levels high for as long as they need to while stepping back from outright travel bans to avoid the repercussions on the travel industry.

You can travel but you must jump through so many hoops that the whole experience will be counter-productive to your enjoyment of the process.

That seems like a pretty gloomy prospect and I am not normally that gloomy so there is an upside to my views.

That pent up demand will ebb a little as summer ends and things will have settled down. Some braver souls will get themselves a late season break in the sun and their trailblazing will encourage others to follow.

Booking late will be popular and this winter will be quite buoyant and of course the interest in Easter, spring and next summer will be massive. If you have managed to save your 2020 holiday kitty then imagine how much there will be in the 2021 piggy bank! Stay safe everyone.

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