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FOLLOWING LAST month’s advice to consider some of the more troubled areas when searching for a bargain I am feeling a bit of a fool following the Tunisia tragedy.

I have read many views and opinions following that event and I can only add I feel great sorrow for the victims and witnesses but also for the Tunisian people who are now going to face years of hardship because of this.

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I worry now about recommending anywhere but I can’t help telling you about an enquiry I did this morning into a last minute holiday to Greece.

I found a wide selection of islands to choose from with prices starting at £263 per person for nice apartments in Kefalonia on July 19. That was a real surprise as that is school holidays time and virtually half price holidays.

My customers were pragmatic about the risks of the financial problems saying they would take all their money with them in cash. They expected to be welcomed warmly and I have to say I agreed with them.

However the Greek negotiations go with their creditors it is unlikely anything will change immediately and even if the official currency becomes the drachma the bar and restaurant owners are going to want a hard currency in their tills.

We have had a lot of happy customers travelling to Greece over the years and the joys of the food climate and culture have not changed as a result of the political wrangles the government are involved in.

I have been hesitant about recommending Greece this year so far but now I am going to say with prices as they are over the next eight to ten weeks it makes an ideal last minute getaway.

Have a lovely summer, Peter.


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