Saddleworth weather: is that sunshine we see on the horizon?

All good things had to come to an end!

What a run of dry, settled and often warm and sunny weather that was. We went from the 13th of April to the 27th of April with only 2 days of rain, where the rain measured on those days, was the bare minimum, 0.2mm.

Currently the month of April only stands at 13.8mm of rain. The average is 70.5mm. Some more rain to come before the month is out, but it’s been a very dry month indeed.

Thursday: Bright spells and showers. The showers most frequent in the afternoon with some heavy perhaps thundery ones by evening. Max 11°C

Friday: Bright spells to start but showers brewing up, particularly heavy in the south with the odd thunderstorm possible. Some places staying dry. Max 13°C

Weekend: Not bad after the last 2 days

Saturday: The best day of the weekend. Sunny to start but cloud will increase during the day. It is expected to remain dry and with the bright spells making it feel a little warmer. Max 14°C

Sunday: Bright morning, thicker cloud for the afternoon with rain arriving later in the day, most likely not until overnight. Max 15°C

Outlook: It looks like high pressure will be close by. Monday more likely to be quite cloudy with showers fading. I’m hopeful that the rest of the week, Tuesday to Saturday, is warmer and with some pleasant sunny spells on offer. Temperatures slightly above average; 16-18°C.

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Thanks for reading. Stay Safe!

Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 29th of April 2020 at 18:10.

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