Saddleworth Youth Committee: The voice of youth

A BRAND new Saddleworth Youth Committee is giving a voice to young people in the area.

Here, in the first of their monthly columns, committee member Joe Wheeler, explains their aims for ambitions.

Youth Committee members with Sue Palfrey, Oldham youth development officer, and Cllr Jamie Curley and Katrina Roman

In Saddleworth we have a thriving community with a great future.

We want to hone this potential by creating a forward thinking Saddleworth Youth Committee who will be the spokespeople for Saddleworth’s youth.

We want to bring together a group of people who are passionate about making positive change to the community. People who will work together to address the issues they feel strongly on.

Alongside this we will be partnering with a range of charities and established youth groups to complete our aims in the most effective way.

The Saddleworth Youth Committee wants to make the voices of young people heard. Our issues, our ideas and our passions will finally have a platform to create a more inclusive Saddleworth.


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