Saddleworth’s Jack Sinfield eager to be his own man in Super League

JACK Sinfield is out to make a name for himself at Leeds Rhinos in this year’s Super League after starting it all at Saddleworth Rangers.

You may think the son of a legend in Kevin has been taught all he knows by having his methods drummed into him.

But if father ever passed anything on to son at Shaw Hall Bank Road, it was a case of son asking dad – not the other way around.

Picture by Allan McKenzie/  Jack Sinfield.

Instead, other figures played a huge role in his development.

“The part Saddleworth Rangers has played is massive,” said Jack.

“I started there as Under-7s and then played with the same group until the Under-16s, who I’m still really close with now.

“All my best mates are all from that Saddleworth team, plus the coaches there were brilliant with me, Darrel Rogers and Jocky Wilson – who sadly died.

Jack Sinfield – GGC Media LTD

“They were both brilliant with me and I can’t thank them enough.

“If dad and I went to Churchill Playing Fields or Saddleworth Rangers, it would come more from me asking. He never forced anything on me – it always came from me.

“Following in dad’s footsteps is something I try not to really focus on.

“I try and be my own sort of person, as proud as I am of him. People like Ash Handley played with him, so it’s a bit weird but it doesn’t bother me.

“Obviously I’m really proud of what he achieved and hopefully I can replicate it.”

Jack, 18, watched Kevin in many of his Grand Finals at Old Trafford – now it is his turn to shine n a Rhinos’ shirt.

And the key is no pressure from his dad, especially as he prepares for A-level exams at Ashton Sixth Form College.

He added: “He’s always there if I ever need him but he puts no pressure on me. He just makes sure I’m enjoying what I do. As long as I’m enjoying myself, he’s not really bothered what I do.

“He helps me because he knows what it’s like to juggle everything and making sure I have a life outside of college and rugby as well.

“That’s because he knows how important it was when he was in the same situation. I come straight into training during the day and then, on my days off, I’ll go into college.

“When I get home, I catch up with all my work at night. It’s tough and I’ve got my exams this year, so I have to fit in revision.

“There’s no real piece of advice that sticks with me. I’d say it’s more the example I’ve got from him. Just knowing that he always gives his all and, when anyone else needs him, he’s always there to be depended on.”

Mention the name Sinfield and Kevin’s fundraising challenges that have raised more than £7 million for motor neurone disease charities in the name of friend and former team-mate Rob Burrow come to mind.

So far, Jack has not joined one of his huge training runs around Saddleworth, for a simple reason.

He added: “I don’t think I’d keep up with him!

“But I’m really proud of what he’s doing. It’s obviously horrible what has gone on with Rob but the way Rob has responded and my dad being that sort of leader for the MND community, I’m really proud of him and really respect what Rob has done as well.”

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