Sally’s cracking on with egg collecting mission

A LEES woman, nicknamed the Easter Bunny, is well on her way to “Making the children of Oldham smile”.

Sally Maher has set herself a task of providing Easter eggs for young (and old) across the borough.

So far, she has collected more than 2,600 and confidently predicts: “I am going to double that total.”

Sally and trolley full of eggs

Sally has successfully appealed for donations from Tesco’s stores on Huddersfield Road, Oldham and Chew Valley Road, Greenfield as well as the Co-op in Lees.

Nearly 40 businesses have also come on board to sponsor her bid to provide in excess of 5,000 Easter eggs.

Such has been the success of her venture she is considering hiring office space in Grotton. Sally also is looking at the possibility of turning her enterprise into a charitable foundation

“It’s erupted beyond belief this year,” said Sally who last year collected 2,481 eggs under the banner of Oldham Easter School Gift. “The response has been absolutely amazing.”

Children at four schools will benefit from the egg collection: so too residents at Old Mill House in Grotton and Medlock Court in Lees.

Sally is also egg hunting for Dr Kershaw’s Hospice in Royton and the Royal Oldham Hospital’s children’s ward.

Anyone wishing to contribute can do so at drop off points including: Lees Co-op, Old Mill House, Diggle Hotel and Grapes pub, Lees.

For more information Sally can be contacted on 07759 139930 or via email at

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