Share your prom or school dance stories for new musical at Oldham Coliseum

DID your child’s prom cost a bomb? Did the search for the perfect dress or suit turn everyone’s life into a mess? Was it worth the cost of the limo to see them all grown up?

Meat Pie, Sausage Roll (2017)

Why not share your story at a free event for mothers, fathers, sons and daughters on Monday, September 17 at Oldham Coliseum Theatre?

Writers Cathy Crabb and Lindsay Williams, the team behind the Coliseum’s hit Oldham-based musicals ‘Meat Pie, Sausage Roll’ and ‘Dreamers’, are currently working on a new musical about the end of high school dances and now the era of proms.

As with both ‘Dreamers’ and ‘Meat Pie, Sausage Roll’, Cathy and Lindsay are holding an event to speak to real people from Oldham about their experiences to help shape their new musical.

The sharing event takes place from 7pm and those attending are welcome to a complementary drink.

Dreamers (2015)

Formal dress is not required but Cathy and Lindsay have asked people to bring their photographs so they can see how amazing they looked at their proms or school dances.

In June 2015 Cathy and Lindsay premiered a new musical partially set in the infamous former Oldham town centre nightclub, Dreamers.

Their story about ordinary women, set to a soundtrack of 1990s indie hits, received four-out-of-five stars from The Guardian and had audiences flocking to the theatre for a thoroughly enjoyable evening of nostalgia and music.

In March 2017 the duo followed up with a story set against the backdrop of Oldham Athletic Football Club’s unforgettable 1990/91 season.

With commentary by Stuart Pyke, who gave voice to Latics’ pinnacle moment on Piccadilly Radio, a special guest appearance by Andy Ritchie on opening night and their very own Chaddy the Owl costume, ‘Meat Pie, Sausage Roll’ was a heartfelt celebration of one of Oldham’s finest moments.

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