‘Shhh I’m Counting’ group unveils Postbox Topper celebrating Whit Friday

IN A delightful display of creativity, local crafting group known as ‘Shhh I’m Counting’ has unveiled a unique crotched postbox topper that pays homage to the beloved tradition of Whit Friday in Grotton.

The eye-catching piece, fashioned as a drum adorned with intricate music notes, brings a touch of joy to the village.

The ‘Shhh I’m Counting’ group has unveiled its latest creation in Grotton. Image by Saddleworth Independent

Whit Friday is a longstanding tradition in the Saddleworth region. The day is known for its brass band contests, processions, and community gatherings, attracting participants and spectators from near and far.

The latest postbox topper pays homage to Whit Friday, By Saddleworth Independent

The ‘Shhh I’m Counting’ group, renowned for their artistic flair and love for the local community, seized the opportunity to contribute to the festivities in their own special way.

The crotched postbox topper is just the latest addition to their ever-growing portfolio.

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  1. I absolutely love these things; they’ve been turning up in odd places around Saddleworth, Lees and Grasscroft for years, but you don’t really get to fully appreciate the flair, talent and craftsmanship that’s gone into making them unless you’re on foot.

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