Shocking murder in Greenfield – but it is only make believe!

A quiet corner of Saddleworth has been the scene of a brutal murder, with the killer and his victim even spotted in a local pub.

Pat Phelan at the Royal George pub

The evil perpetrator remains at large and his gruesome crime so far undetected.

But there’s no massive police man hunt for the murderer because his shocking attack has been witnessed by millions!

So, what’s the answer to this murder mystery?

When Coronation Street bosses were looking for a location to film some of the most harrowing and gripping scenes in the ITV soap’s history, they settled on Saddleworth.

And they chose the derelict site of Robert Fletcher’s paper mill, near peaceful Dovestone Reservoir, as the setting for the death of mechanic Luke Britton at the hands of ‘psycho’ Pat Phelan.

However, quiet Chew Valley echoed to the sound of gun shots and explosions as Phelan (actor Connor McIntyre) shoots Luke (played by Dean Fagan) before firing again to engulf the victim – trapped in his car – in a huge fireball.

The scenes were shot last autumn but only broadcast in the first week of January.

The car chase across Chew Brook

As reported in the November 2017 edition of the Independent and our sister papers, the Mossley and Stalybridge Correspondents, the Royal George pub on Manchester Road was also commandeered for filming purposes.

Phelan and Fagan are seen inside, unaware of each others presence, before the dramatic confrontation after a car chase in the factory grounds.

“Look around, Corrie has gone Bond,” laughed Connor during a break in filming. “It is like a Hollywood movie.”

Dean, leaving the show after three years, added: “I didn’t expect it would be so explosive. But what a way to go.

“To be going in a big ball of flames is memorable.”

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