Sitting down really is more fun at get fit class in Springhead

by Joe Ellison

DO YOU want to keep fit without even moving from the comfort of your chair?

One of the classes

Then the ‘Sit and Get Fit’ exercise classes at Springlees Court, Springhead might be just what you are looking for.

The weekly classes are ideal for people aged 50+ who want to keep healthy or who struggle with basic daily movements.

Around ten people enjoy the classes at the moment but they are looking to get more people involved as anyone can take part.

The classes involve a variety of exercises carried out while sitting in or leaning on a chair, such as throwing and catching, and using resistance bands to stretch out your legs.

Attending the classes, which are run by a fully qualified instructor, regularly will help improve balance, mobility, confidence, strength, co-ordination, independence and flexibility.

James Heywood has been taking part for a year and a half since he moved to Springlees Court.

Class member James with Court Manager Adele

He said: “I enjoy the classes; it gives you a break from what you normally do every day. I’m supposed to do it to help my walking and it helps me to keep up with people.

“You do everything in your own time and you only do what you feel you can do; nobody pressures you to do certain things, you just join in with what you want.

“It’s been very rewarding and well worth it and I’d definitely recommend it to other people.”

The sessions are run by Oldham Community Leisure every Monday for 45 minutes between 1.15pm and 2pm and cost £3 per person per session. No specific clothing needs be worn to take part.

The class has been running for nearly four years and started in Zion Methodist Church before moving to Springlees Court.

Adele Taylor, Court Manager, said: “I’ve been to a couple of the sessions and it’s great fun! It’s a wonderful way to get a bit of exercise so I’d encourage anyone to come alone.”

For more information, call Adele Jones on 0370 192 4350 or email:


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