Solar share project for Oldham ready for official launch

OLDHAM residents are set to learn how to invest in a new profit-returning community solar power project at the official share offer launch on Sunday 12 June.

Solar Share Offer Set for Official Launch
Matthew Owens of Renewable Energy 4 Business at Alexandra Park’s conservatory

The Directors of Oldham Community Power – a community benefit society – will deliver a short presentation in Alexandra Park’s historic conservatory, starting at 1pm.

They will outline how Renewable Energy 4 Business has been contracted to fit nearly 2,000 solar panels to around 14 individual buildings this summer, saving Oldham an estimated 200 tonnes of carbon.

The panels will be funded via a community share offer, with shares starting from as little as £100.

“Members will not only be helping to fund a project with a huge community benefit – low-cost solar energy for schools and community buildings – they can also expect a return on their investment of up to 4 per cent in the longer term,” says Leila Sharland of the cooperative Sharenergy.

“All residents are welcome with no prior registration needed. The event should last no longer than 90 minutes. We look forward to welcoming individuals and families.”

Representatives of Sharenergy and Oldham Council will be available to answer questions and to support Oldham Community Power’s Director team which includes Alan Price.

He said: “Our shared vision, first and foremost, is for Oldham residents to become members of a society; to then enable them to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions; to generate an income from electricity sales that can be invested back into community projects; and – most excitingly of all – to educate people on how to reduce their own energy usage at home.”

“I am pleased to confirm we have completed our on-site rooftop surveys,” added Chris Acton, Sales Director at Renewable Energy 4 Business.

“The news that the group is now ready to accept members, coupled with the official launch of the share offer, are all strong indicators this exciting project is running according to schedule.”

If you are interested in becoming a member of OCP and investing in the society, but cannot make the event on Sunday 12 June, please email OCP Director Bill Edwards at or telephone Sharenergy on 01743 277119 to be added to the mailing list.


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