Something exciting is coming to Oldham Sixth Form College

AFTER almost 30 years of providing exceptional education to students, Oldham Sixth Form College is keeping its key purpose at heart as it undergoes a re-brand.

In 1992, OSFC opened its doors to its very first set of students and quickly became an established beacon of the community. A lot has changed since then but its purpose hasn’t.

Over the years, the college has continued to invest in its facilities and educational offering, now sitting across four buildings at the heart of the borough’s town centre.

Much like the college’s physical presence, the education offered has evolved to continuously improve students’ learning and experiences to match the demands of the modern world.

Now, in 2021, OSFC wants to reflect the amazing work it continues to do and drive it into a bold and exciting future with a fresh new look.

So, the college is undergoing a re-brand to reflect the innovative, forward-thinking organisation, help it stand out from the competition and engage prospective students.

Suzannah Reeves, Associate Principal, said: “We believe it’s important to provide our students with exceptional education in a safe and supportive environment.

“We make it our mission every day to work on behalf of our students so they can go on to have successful and meaningful lives.

“It’s this fundamental mission that has shaped and propelled everything we’ve achieved over the past 28 years.

“During 2020 when the coronavirus hit, communities were forced to slow, stop and reflect – and this included OSFC too.

“It brought to focus the importance of connection and belonging that the College supports for its community.

“We set out to re-brand OSFC to reflect the modern and ambitious college experience that so many students, parents and staff are an integral part of and have pride in.

“We also want the OSFC brand to mirror the exciting period of change and innovation taking place in Oldham and the North West.”

OSFC is a proud member of The Pinnacle Learning Trust and as a local trust uses an understanding of the community and culture of high aspirations and strong academic performance to be a positive catalyst to improve the life chances of young people.

The Trust’s ethos is built upon a desire to create extraordinary opportunities for staff and students. OSFC aims to significantly improve their chances to progress, achieve and go on to succeed in the lives and careers they want and deserve.

The new brand launch date is June 14, 2021 and they look forward to introducing you to the new OSFC. Same amazing college, new look.

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