Special celebrations mark 150 years of St Edward’s parish

BANNERS flew high and proud as a procession wound its way through Lees to mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of St Edward’s parish.

The parish was established from St Mary’s Church in the centre of Oldham and the first church was built on a site off St John’s Street, Lees.To mark its opening in 1872 a procession was held from St Mary’s Church, led by Lees Brass Band.

Now 150 years on, a similar walk was carried out from the site of the original church to the present St Edward’s Church in Spring Lane.

Delph Band led the way followed by the banners, Blessed Sacrament and Canopy, and a thong of people.There was a blessing at Lees Cemetery, led by Father Callum Brown and Father John Marsland.

Then the procession continued to the church for a short service before enjoying refreshments in the Church Hall afterwards.

The church has recently been refurbished and a large mural depicting the Resurrection of Christ and a second icon of St Edward have been painted on the interior walls by Aidan Hart, a renowned iconographer who has produced works for cathedrals and churches internationally.

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