Stan’s strange but true: March

STAN BOWES, from Diggle, has uncovered some more interesting and entertaining, strange but true facts for us – you just couldn’t make them up.

POLICE IN Venezuela raided a man’s house to execute an arrest warrant. Unfortunately for them, the Venezuela-Columbia border ran through his house.

When they arrived he ran into his bedroom, locked the door, and called his lawyer. The offence he was to be charged with in Venezuela wasn’t punishable in Columbia. The police gave up …

SOME YEARS ago, staff at Wolverhampton railway station picked up a piece of paper thrown from an express train as it passed through.

They were shocked to find it was a note: “Mr Russel, of 32 Mary Vale Road, Bloxwich, has left the kettle on the stove.  Please inform the police.”

The police, duly informed, called at number 32, where they broke in and did indeed find the kettle on the stove: but the gas unlit.

Improve your vocabulary.

Catmalison: An obscure word with a humorous derivation*.  Made up of ‘cat’, the small furry mammal that adopts humans as staff, and ‘malison’, a curse, from Old French maleison.  A catmalison is a small cupboard in or near the ceiling of a room, and therefore a ‘curse’ to cats, as they can’t find a way of getting into it


Tomorrow is usually the busiest day of the year.

The most important thing in politics is sincerity: whether you mean it or not.

Success is simply a matter of luck: ask any failure

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