Stone roses listing welcomed by National Highways

TWO stones along the M62 marking the border between the old rose counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire have been given Grade II listed status to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The stones were unveiled by the Queen in 1971 to mark the completion of the cross-border section of the motorway between Milnrow near Rochdale and Outlane near Huddersfield.

Each stone carries a plaque to commemorate the completion of the project and a large white or red rose marking the boundary between the old counties of Lancashire or Yorkshire.

The markers also reference the motorway’s surroundings through the use of local Pennine aggregate and stone in their construction.

The historic listing status has been welcomed by National Highways and Alan Shepherd, regional director for the North West, said: “Cultural heritage and conservation is important to National Highways and we are always willing to work with stakeholders such as Historic England to ensure we preserve sites of special historic or cultural interest near our roads.

“It’s very pleasing to have these marker stones listed – it’s is a tribute to all those roadworkers in the 1950s and 60s who paved the way for our 21st century motorway network.”

Simon Boyle, director for Yorkshire and the North East, added: “Tens of thousands of drivers use the M62 every day. It’s a lifeline for communities and an artery of the economy.

“We’re delighted the boundary markers between the old red rose and white rose counties have been recognised in this way.”

Five buildings across the country, including the Sun Pavilion and Colonnade elsewhere in Yorkshire at Harrogate, have also been listed.

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