Stuck lorry brings Delph to standstill

DELPH ground to a halt during morning rush-hour on Thursday, April 26 as a lorry became jammed at the junction of Grains Road and King Street.


Stuck lorry caused havoc for morning commuters

After navigating down from Grains Bar at around 7am, the lorry struggled to turn onto the main road, resulting in it getting stuck and blocking off the centre of the village.

Police closed off roads leading into the village from The Sound and by The White Lion pub as they attempted to remove the lorry, with the roads re-opening around 11am.

It is believed the lorry didn’t hit the houses on either side of the street.

People took to social media to advise drivers to avoid the incident and find alternative routes.

Cllr Rob Knotts commented on Facebook: “This is not the first time a HGV has blocked Grains Road.

“There are 7.5 ton signposts on all roads leading into Delph but sadly they seem to be ignored.

“Some drivers blindly follow Sat Nav directions which do not include warnings of load restrictions on roads. There is no easy solution.”

Cllr Geoff Bayley added: “It is claimed the driver was following instructions on Sat Nav. Either the Sat Nav was not of the correct type, or it had not been correctly set up for use by an HGV.


Police closed the local roads until the lorry was safely removed

“All roads leading into Delph have weight limit signs. Therefore the driver must have ignored the prohibition sign. Don’t blame the Sat Nav. It is a ‘Driver too stupid error’.

“Finally, the present weight limit signs state ‘except for access’. This leaves some confusion about how to define access.

“The sign should be changed to read ‘except for loading or unloading’ and a driver could then be asked to show the necessary paperwork or job sheet.”

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