Take a bow! Exercise regime is easy and beneficial… if you stick with it

MAKING New Year resolutions is the easy part; actually sticking to them is the difficult bit.

So, when we – the staff of the Independent – decided to collectively announce our intention to keep fit and get in trim, we did so in all good faith.

Already you are sensing our resolve was as shallow as a politician’s promise.

Well, not exactly. But let’s say our decision to sign up for a course of Isofitness Exercise classes led by Caroline Fisher, the leader and pole star of Nordic Walking Saddleworth was perhaps a tad hasty.

For one thing, a complete office refurbishment ensured core strength and increased muscle definition came with lifting and shifting desks, tables, and filing cabinets. 

It also removed our exercise space as well as the over visited cake and biscuit table.

Then there has been the groundwork for the launch of another title for our Local Communications stable. 

So, welcome to the Hyde and Denton Correspondents alongside the Independent plus Correspondents for Shaw, Crompton and Royton.

But finding time to complete our Isofitness Exercise is absolutely no excuse. 

The body re-shaping exertions-all seven of them-take just 70 seconds and can be done without leaving the office.

So, while we haven’t been as diligent as perhaps patient Caroline wanted us to be, we haven’t side stepped our challenge completely.

Some of us have worked out more than others and noticed a positive difference to their physiques. Me? I even took the easy to pack isobows on a short break with good intentions only to mislay them – honestly! 

Actually ‘practitioners’ have taken the equipment on holidays, including to Morocco and Spain. 

It is actually extremely portable and even on a Ryanair flight will not tip you over the baggage allowance. 

So, we can see the benefits of these daily workouts with daily being the key word.

Paula Worswick, Julie Hilton, Caroline Fisher, Amanda Longden and Jane Cooksey

Caroline’s ‘pupils’ in her classes at Saddleworth Rangers rugby club on Shaw Hall Bank Road are definitely well placed to extol the virtues of Isofitness Exercise.

Amanda Longden from Springhead  but has been a gym bunny in the past is one such person.

“I have had gym membership forever but I went because I felt I needed to so resented it. 

“This though is great and only takes a few minutes so I haven’ t resented it

“The impact is really quick and you can see the difference in the way your body looks.

“I know Caroline and I trusted her if she said it was as good as it was then it was going to be. I am not sure I realised it would make such a difference so quickly.

“If you can see and feel the benefits that gives you more motivation to keep going. Eventually it becomes part of your daily routine.

“Because it is so quick you can’t have the excuse that you are busy doing other things.”

Another class member Paula Worswick added: “It is flexible and the isobows are easy to use 

“It’s a one stop shop for exercise. It’s just so easy to fit in your day.”

More information is available via Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/isofitsaddleworth/

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