Text messages help to save Springhead man’s feet

A MAN from Springhead has praised a text message reminder system for helping him to keep all his toes.

Shane Holdsworth
Shane Holdsworth

Shane Holdsworth is a regular user of the Oldham Podiatry Service, run by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, because of complications caused by having diabetes.

His diabetes can prevent sweating in his feet, causing them to go dry, and can also cause neuropathy – a lack of feeling, which means any damage may go unnoticed.

Shane said: “Previously I tended to neglect my feet, which caused problems as they would crack or get ulcerated.”

This would mean trips to a podiatrist for treatment over a couple of months and a hospital admission, which caused problems with work and other commitments.

He said: “It’s far too time consuming and I just wanted to manage my feet better myself to see if I could do anything to proactively help.

Debra Drury Podiatrist.png
Podiatrist Debra Drury checks Shane’s feet

“I’m really worried and don’t want my feet to go any worse – I don’t want to lose any toes, which is a real risk.”

The service recommended using FLO, a text message reminder system, to help Shane to self-manage his condition and learn when to spot a potential issue.

Shane said: “It’s a great idea; it’s only a text once a day and it helps me get into the habit of regularly checking my feet.

“The big difference is that now I’ll spot when the slightest thing comes up and I can get it checked before it becomes a bigger problem.”

Debra Drury, a Clinical Specialist Podiatrist with Oldham Podiatry Service, said: “FLO is a constant reminder to patients about the education we give them throughout their treatment.

“It gives prompts to check their feet regularly and get in touch at the first signs of concern.

“We’ve seen an early success of using FLO with Shane, but we now want more of that success so patients can get on with their lives and fulfil their potential.”

For more information about Oldham Podiatry Service, visit: www.penninecare.nhs.uk/oldhampodiatry


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