The most popular online games in Saddleworth in 2023 revealed

THE magic of online games is that if they can become popular in one region, they can become popular all over the world.

The biggest online games are some of the most competitive, most social and most sophisticated titles in their respective genres. They can attract people of all ages, which is part of what makes them so universal and inclusive.

Below, we’re going to discuss the biggest games that have made waves not only across the world but that have made their mark in Saddleworth. If you’re into video games, these will be right up your alley.

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Without further ado, here are 10 of the most popular games in Saddleworth for 2023:

10) Apex Legends

This is a game that has remained popular all across England since its launch and it is still making waves in 2023. As a competitive and cooperative first-person shooter. Apex Legends allows players to participate in a sophisticated sci-fi world filled with the most advanced armour, weaponry, techniques and tactics.

9) Minecraft

As far as online games go, it’s hard to beat the legacy and popularity of Minecraft. A game that focuses less on objectives and more on creativity and exploration, Minecraft encourages you to build and scope out whatever you feel like. Though there are optional quests, bosses and a survival aspect to it, people keep coming back to Minecraft for its unique atmosphere.

8) Fortnite

Arguably still the king of the battle royale genre, Fortnite was a huge game changer and trend setter with its ambitious formula of pitting 100 people against each other in a massive, free-for-all arena. Combined with its fort and shield-building mechanic, Fortnite still offers unique gameplay that many have tried to emulate.

7) Hearthstone

Though it had small and humble origins, Hearthstone ended up exploding and becoming an online phenomenon. Developed by the same minds that gave the planet World of Warcraft, this addictive card deck-building game is still attracting big numbers online.

6) League of Legends

This is another entry on our list that no one will be surprised to see. League of Legends is still the top dog when it comes to 5v5 MOBA games. It may be difficult and complex, but the diverse roster of characters has definitely played a huge role in why this game and its community are still going strong. In fact, it’s one of the most popular games for professional video gamers and streamers on platforms such as Twitch.

5) Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is a huge online success, thanks to its massive emphasis on tournaments and community. Many people treat it like a serious sport, and the game is huge among casual fans and semi-pro players trying to make it big. CS:GO has also spawned many popular online clips and memes of the best (or the worst) gameplay moments, making it a well-known name even among people who don’t play it themselves. This is truly a testament to its longevity.

4) Dota 2

Defense of the Ancients 2 is, like League of Legends, one of those older classic online games that seems to stay around forever. Like other games on this list, its complex systems have been seen as immersive, spawning multiple massive tournament-based organizations. Its finely tuned balance of easy to learn, hard to master gameplay has played a big role in why it’s such an online champion of a game.

3) Call of Duty: Warzone

Nothing says landmark shooter franchise like Call of Duty. The Warzone entry of the series has undoubtedly been one of its biggest titles, thanks to many refinements and additions to the classic multiplayer shooter formula. With battle royale modes, zombies, bigger maps, more vehicles and more customization features for online play, it’s no wonder that Warzone is such a huge entertainment hit.

2) Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG is one of those special games that was a huge hit for classic platforms like the desktop PC, as well as mobile phones. The mobile version of the game was such a huge hit that it’s part of the reason why there have been such large pushes into gaming technology for mobile devices. It’s a simple game to jump into, but its ferocious and unforgiving rules and environments make it an exciting world for many to stay in.

1) Overwatch

Out of all the online games in 2023 being played in Saddleworth and across England in general, Overwatch is the one that seems to have it all. A great selection of charismatic characters, memorable locales, interesting weaponry and gadgets, and an art style reminiscent of Disney and Pixar all help make this the top online game to play in 2023.

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