The students left behind

EVE Johnson-Jones, a student at The Blue Coat Sixth Form, looks at the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown on education and future prospects.

When Sixth Form closed on Friday, March 20 many of us – both pupils and staff – assumed self-isolation would only last a couple of weeks.

But four months later we are still stuck home, working online and missing out on a prime time of our school career.

The Year 11 and 13 students have been relieved and given clarity on their exam results and future, but what about the pupils left behind? My name is Eve and I am one of many students in this situation.

As a current Year 12 pupil with a sibling in Year 10, we have both been dealing with the new way of education, making a very stressful and busy household.

Supposedly our A-level and GCSE exams are in 11 months and currently we are still expected to achieve similar grades with only online tutoring. Will this be possible? And if it is, is this the future of our education?

Since Monday, March 23 I have been left without the usual physical support of my teachers as all work has been online. This has created a large mix of results.

Some subjects are getting ahead in the curriculum simply due to more work being completed at home than is a cluttered classroom.

However, due to the abnormal set up of learning and lack of interaction, I have found studying is sometimes proving stressful and not as effective, with the standard inevitably dropping.

Along with feeling a greater burden of work, many pupils, like myself, hold a great deal of anxiety towards our futures.

Experiencing online open days for universities and completing personal statement drafts and UCAS forms has been a challenge as we don’t know our current grades and what subject we want to take as a degree. We have less opportunities to enjoy the options we currently study as there is pressure to simply learn and absorb information via online lessons.

Yet we are starting to achieve small victories as many schools and sixth forms are gradually opening up for a minimal number of pupils, allowing teachers to briefly touch base and review all work completed over quarantine. A glimpse of normality.

As the year draws to a close, questions continue to linger about how fairly my year will be treated.

Calling myself a Year 13 pupil in a few weeks petrifies me as all the missed opportunities this term has left me feeling behind.

Throughout these uncertain times I have never been more grateful for the driven teachers who are always easy to reach and consistently put a smile on your face.

I am excited for when it is safe to fully return to school – but will miss being able to do work outside in this glorious weather!

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