The Three Crowns: Tasty traditional additions to the menu

three crowns stephen mitchell
HEAD CHEF: Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell, new head chef at the Three Crowns Restaurant and Inn at Scouthead, shares his seasonal recipe for black peas.

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NOW FEBRUARY is upon us, thoughts in the hospitality industry are on new menus, Valentines and planning for the year ahead.

At The Three Crowns I have recently changed our menus, fresh for the New Year.

One Item I would like to talk about this month is the traditional Cornish pasty. The Cornish pasty has been documented since the 1300s during the reign of King Henry III. It is a staple of any Cornish person’s diet.

As I am from Cornwall this is a dish I have a particular fondness and passion for. I guess you could say the pasty to Cornwall is what the rag pudding is to Lancashire and Oldham.

I remember from a very early age helping my Nan to prepare the pasties. We started with the pastry, which is a mix of butter, lard, plain flour, salt and water.  A simple, yet crisp, rich and buttery shortcrust which encases the filling perfectly.

The filling again simple is a mix of roughly diced potato, white onion, swede, diced steak, salt and a good sprinkle of ground white pepper.  I like to add a sprinkle of chopped curly parsley and a knob of butter to help moisten the filling.

Finally comes the important part of “crimping” where you take the folded “D” shaped pastry filled with the meat and vegetables and fold over the edge to form a crust and seal for the pasty. The crimping on a Cornish pasty is always on the side.

There are even pasty crimping competitions that take place in the Duchy of Cornwall!

As I have already mentioned Cornish pasties are very dear to me and I have put them on the current Menu at The Three Crowns. I hope you will be able to join us soon and try one of our own traditional pasties.


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