Three Crowns: A fresh start in Spring

paul cookson 3 crowns
HEAD CHEF: Paul Cookson

PAUL COOKSON, head chef at the Three Crowns Restaurant and Inn at Scouthead, looks ahead to a fresh Spring menu.

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FIRSTLY I would like to thank you for all your custom on Mother’s Day. What a great turn out, with over 200 of you dining with us. It was a great success and I hope all you mothers had a great day and a special treat. You deserved it!

Well, Spring has just about sprung, although the weather may contradict this, and the clocks have moved forward. Most of you will have enjoyed a long weekend and are perhaps looking for a fresh, light meal after the chocolate consumption over the Easter break. Hopefully I can help!

With the ever-changing menu due to seasons, suppliers and customer demand, we now find ourselves with such produce as sea trout, jersey royals, wild garlic and, of course, Spring lamb.

Sea trout is one of my favourites. The main ingredient needs no explanation and I will be serving this lovely fish with jersey royals, wild garlic butter and samphire.

Another change to the system comes following a conference I recently attended regarding food labelling. The existing guidelines are food should be labelled according to certain requirements and allergies, but it is now going to be legislated that the contents of the ingredients are available for the public to view. This is currently being implemented as I am in great favour of the new procedures and the paper work will be available on the premises for customers to access very soon.

One of the food requirements I have been receiving a lot of feedback on is an increase in vegetarian options that would be welcomed.

Although I have received a lot of great comments about the quality of the dishes, I have taken on board that the choice needs improving. My intention is to add more to include a very seasonal asparagus and courgette risotto, parmesan crisp and green herb oil.

I would also like to promote the ‘Field to Fork’ approach to ingredients, which means we can use fresh and authentic produce and this will support other local businesses.

However, I would also like to invite the public to get involved with this idea as so many of you are self-sufficient, growing your own at home or at the much sought-after allotment.

I would appreciate any donations of surplus fruit, vegetable or salad produce you may have and will operate an open kitchen door policy for kind customers. Just think, your home grown goodies could make it on to the Three Crowns menu!

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