Top grade student leads GCSE results celebrations at Saddleworth School

AN OUTSTANDING student who achieved straight Grade 9s led the celebrations as Saddleworth School pupils received their GCSE exam results.

Aidan Hall, who scored straight 9s, with Luke Flynn who achieved two 7s, five 8s and three 9s

Aidan Hall was the only pupil at the school in Uppermill who scored top marks in all of his exams – and he was delighted with his achievement.

“I was aiming to get that but I wasn’t expecting it. I am shocked but really happy,” he admitted.

“I have enjoyed the subjects but it has been stressful at times so I’ve relieved it’s over now!”

Aidan will now go on to Oldham Sixth Form College to study maths, further maths, physics and chemistry.

Also delighted with their results were Rachel Williams, who scored all Grade 8s and 9s, and Abigail Armstrong, who achieved 7s and 8s.

Rachel said: “I thought I had done worse and that I would get 6s and 7s but no 8s so I am really happy with my results.

“It has been hard work and I came out of most of the exams crying so it’s a relief to do so well.”

Abigail Armstrong, left, and Rachel Williams

She will go on to Greenhead College to study English Literature, German and history, while Abigail will study Maths, biology and chemistry there.

“I was very nervous last night so it’s great to get my results and see how I’ve done,” said Abigail, who planned to celebrate that evening with her family.

Students’ success was a special delight for retiring teacher Mr Lucas, who has been running a Breakfast Club over the years to give extra help to prepare them for exams.

He said: “This was my last Breakfast Club so it’s great to see them do so well. I taught some of them in Year 7 but not since so it was nice to be able to help them.”

Dave Watson, headteacher, said: “The students have achieved some absolutely cracking results. Some have achieved well beyond expectations, which is fantastic.

“I don’t think they or the staff could have worked any harder. They have got what they deserve.”

He added the school’s results overall are above the national average which is pleasing as they receive pupils at a standard above the national average.

Mr Lucas with Evie Hanss, Lucy Chapman, Maisie Reece and Leah Tissington
Executive Headteacher Matthew Milburn with Lucy Chapman, Leah Tissington, Maisie Reece and Evie Hanss

Councillor Shaid Mushtaq, Oldham Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Skills said: “We’d like to congratulate all our pupils who after years of hard work and dedication have achieved the GCSE grades they require.

“We’d also like to say thank you to the parents, teachers, governors and staff who have supported our young people and helped prepare them for the exams.

“I am pleased to say that provisional returns from our schools show 57.7 per cent of Oldham students have achieved a good grade 4 or above in English and Maths.

“This year has seen more changes to the GCSE scoring grades, and they are now all on a new scale of 9 to 1, with 9 the highest grade, rather than A* to G.

“That means comparisons with previous years’ results is not possible and we won’t know wider data until later in the year when national level data is released.

“It will undoubtedly be a time, if not already, to think about next steps. Regardless of your results, there’s so many opportunities in Oldham, as well as the fantastic support services through your school and around the borough that can help.”

Young people looking at their next steps can visit the website:

Saddleworth School will hold its Open Days on Tuesday, October 1 from 9.30am-11am and on Wednesday, October 2 from 9.30am-11am and 6pm-8pm.

2 Replies to “Top grade student leads GCSE results celebrations at Saddleworth School”

  1. would it not be an idea to focus on kids who have struggled but achieved passes instead of hust focusing on the elite few who get the highest marks? same every year – what about the other kids who had to try harder??

  2. I couldn’t agree more. While I appreciate achievement in any context, I also consider that the media coverage of the pupils receiving high exam results amplifies the attitude that academic success is the overwhelming measure of a young person’s worth. I would like to see applause for young and old people who truly contribute to humanity and the environment in either a personal or public setting. Passing exams is a skill and not a measure of a person’s worth. Well done to all 15/16 year olds who have tried to contribute to the happiness and well being of others.

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