‘Truly inspirational’ Saddleworth School pupils celebrate outstanding GCSE achievements

SADDLEWORTH School headteacher Mike Anderson hailed their Year 11 pupils as ‘truly inspirational’ as they celebrated outstanding achievements in their GCSEs despite the challenges of Covid-19.

Lockdowns, isolations and restrictions since last March have presented changes and challenges for pupils and staff at the school in Uppermill.

Year 11 students celebrate their GCSE results

But Mr Anderson, celebrating his first results day as taking on the role of headteacher last September, praised students for their hard work and commitment which has produced the results they deserve.

He said: “It was fantastic to see so many smiling faces and we are absolutely delighted with the outstanding achievements of our students this year.

“Despite the very difficult circumstances and challenges of the last 18 months they’ve continued to work incredibly hard and have remained committed to their studies. Their positive attitudes, dedication and resilience have been truly inspirational.

“We are also incredibly grateful to our school community. Throughout what has been a very disrupted year, students have been well-supported by staff and families who have worked tirelessly to ensure students continued to receive high quality learning and the help, guidance and encouragement they needed.

“We are immensely proud of all of our Year 11 students and are thrilled they’ve received the grades they so richly deserve and are now able to progress onto the next stages of their education.

“We wish them the best of luck and look forward to seeing what they will achieve in future.”

Top performing students included Josh Bruton (Deputy Head Boy), Jack Lewis, Katie Flook, Jack Sinfield (Head Boy), Joe Aston, Francesca Fox, Millie Meredith, Imogen Cox, Rosa Brierley and Isabella Cook (Head Girl).

Between them they achieved 50 grade 9s, 27 grade 8s and 11 grade 7s.

8 Replies to “‘Truly inspirational’ Saddleworth School pupils celebrate outstanding GCSE achievements”

  1. I am so happy about myself. I got 1 6 in French (cheers Miss Livingstone, can’t do oxbridge at college because of you) I got an 8 in Biology. Thanks miss Handles. And I got a 9 in everything else. I think I got second best behind Josh Bruton, (The one smiling holding his results in the air. (I am the one at the front with a black under armour t-shirt) I don’t know what everyone else got but i think I did a little bit better. I beat my best fiend Nicholas. GG everyone. It was a fun 5 years and I would love to meet you all again 🙂

    1. Wuts beeen goin on ere then? (SarcSm). I’d like to confrm that I diddnt right those sily comments one of my fiends at college did. Hilarious I know (sArcams). I gotta go know as I’ve got science homework to compete.

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