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AN ENTREPRENEURIAL mother has swapped court rooms for arts and crafts and launched her own personalised gifts and bespoke embroidery company.

TALENTED: Beck working on one of her bespoke products
TALENTED: Beck working on one of her bespoke products

Becky Nowell, 35, left her job as a senior Crown Prosecutor in Manchester to set up Maisie Lou Designs which she runs from home.

She already has partnerships with local businesses and commercial firms but admits taking the career-changing jump was not an easy decision.

“It doesn’t matter how much family and close friends tell you they love your products, there is nothing like the acid test of the public,” she said.

“But it became apparent that people want to buy these gifts as it is so personal to them.

“Although this is a big departure from my original profession it is something I can easily combine with being a mum and doing the school run rather than being in court all day.”

Becky, from Lees, discovered her passion for bespoke products when she started personalising items for her young daughters after struggling to find items with their nicknames – Lottie and Hattie.

After making personalised baby items for the son of her oldest friend, with his date of birth and weight on, requests soon began flooding in and the business was born.

Becky decided to use her children’s middle names to christen the company as they inspired her hobby, and picked her youngest daughter’s favourite animal – an owl – as the logo.

Her products include personalised baby blankets, clothing, rag dolls, bags, wedding items, hooded tops and clothing for adults.

“I really enjoy making gifts I know children and adults will love,” added Becky, whose husband promotes the business and build the website while her sister-in-law does the accounts.

“I also wanted something a bit different to the usual cup or pencils that you can find in the shops.

“But it isn’t just children and there are so many different products that I can offer to the whole family.”

To see Becky’s products visit: www.facebook.com/maisieloudesigns and www.maisieloudesigns.co.uk

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