Uppermill bar closed by council for breach of Covid-19 restrictions

AN Uppermill bar has been closed for breaching Covid-19 restrictions after advice from Oldham Council staff was ignored.

The Albion Tap will stay shut until at least October 19 or until measures are in place so staff and customers are not being put at risk.

Environmental Health staff from Oldham Council visited the High Street hostelry on a number of occasions since the government allowed licensed premises to reopen.

Albion Tap Uppermill

They have made repeated efforts to work and engage with the licensee, but this help and advice has been ignored.

Incidents witnessed included customers not social distancing, tables too close together, eight people sat at one table and people stood up at tables drinking when they should have been sat down.

In a separate case, another pub has been issued with a £1,000 fixed penalty notice after it failed to have adequate track and trace measures in place. Again, this action was taken after the licensee failed to work with us.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, Oldham Council’s cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Culture, said: “The vast majority of our businesses are sticking to the restrictions.

“But this shows we won’t hesitate to take action against venues which flout regulations designed to stop the spread of coronavirus and protect residents.

“Let’s be clear, we don’t want to take action against businesses.

“We want to see them doing well – but not at the expense of people’s health. It’s in everyone’s interest to obey the rules to keep businesses open.”

Councillor Arooj Shah, deputy leader of Oldham Council and cabinet member for Covid-19 response, said: “Unfortunately Coronavirus rates are still going up across the borough.

“It’s important that all businesses, and indeed their customers, do all they can to minimise the risk of spread.

“Everyone should follow safe practices and observe social distancing.”

As part of our efforts to make sure businesses are sticking to the rules officers will be making unannounced visits to premises.

15 Replies to “Uppermill bar closed by council for breach of Covid-19 restrictions”

  1. Albion Tap have repeatedly ignored social distancing from day one and when challenged on social media about their behaviour were aggressive and hostile. It was only a matter of time before they were closed down by Environmental Health. Their arrogant lackadaisical behaviour in a global pandemic has come home to roost and let’s all hope they never reopen again. Hopefully a more responsible pub will take its place.

  2. We gave far too nany bars in Uppermill. If it never opens again , it will not be missed, the customers can go to one of the other bars. They deseved to be closed , all the bars have done their bit during the covid crisis so why should they carry on regardless when lives are at risk. Selfish is the word.

  3. Total slap in the face for the rest of us pubs in Uppermill who have complied with rules and regulations. What makes them so special . Zero community spirit. Bye bye.

  4. All the pubs and bars in Uppermill, have adhered to the covid rules to stay open . Thank You. The Albion coud not care less, it is obvious the landlord is more interested in making money , knowing the danger of no social distancing. He was asked to observe the rules, but he decided to ignore. So he is really putting 2 fingers up to all the other licensees in Uppermill. He won’t be missed .

  5. It’s TOTALLY over for the Albion Tap. A business full of its own self importance whose owners threaten legal action when challenged on social media over their breaking of COVID rules. And now they’re “re-opening” on the day Saddleworth goes into Tier 3 requiring all pubs to close. Seriously? You couldn’t make it up!

  6. Yeh and so wot? we do good things for the comunity it dont matter if we let are punters mix and stand next to each other, every one else dos it why make us an escape goat all u doo gooders think ur better than us give us a brake loosers

  7. COVID-19 is being used as a weapon to divide communities. It is the responsibility of each individual to make a decision IF allowed to do so as to where to frequent for a drink. If they choose the Tap, their choice. There is a common disregard throughout the whole country for rules that are not clear, either shut them, or open them. Herd immunity will stop COVID-19 eventually, We do have more cases agreed, but Also a huge Amount more testing so what do people expect. Scare tactics and wrong decisions. Leave the Tap alone.

  8. Dear Terry Jones,

    Firstly “herd immunity” has never in the history of mankind beaten a virus, and secondly COVID-19 isn’t being used as a “weapon”. That’s just conspiracy theory nonsense. I assume the Albion Tap now has a dress code of Tinfoil Hats?!!!!

    Close the place and keep it closed.

    1. Getting your mates to deliver pizzas to Albion Tap to “get around the rules” is another example of how they people who run the establishment have zero respect for the community or public health. It’s not “clever” or “funny”, it’s thoughtless and irresponsible. As you know, the government rules say a “substantial meal” must be served from the establishment kitchens, not a takeaway pizza from another business. I’m sure Oldham Licensing will be disappointed to read of how you and “Love Pizza” 🍕 are flouting the rules

      1. Danny, advice was sought from Oldham Council Licensing about being able to order Pizza in from Pizza Love , as we had been doing that for a while before all this, a visit from the Council to Albion Tap confirmed we were within the rules and we were given the go ahead to do it, sadly it deemed to difficult to do so we went back to takeaway beers ie Growlers. So instead of ranting online with incorrect information, speak to the Council and obtain correct facts rather than hearsay, that’s the adult way of dealing with matters.

        1. Debbie, that doesn’t make any sense. How was ordering pizzas “deemed to difficult to do” when you’d already been doing it for weeks? Was it anything to do with the new Tier 3 grants? Easier to take the government money than open?

  9. To help clear up any confusion about how local venues can operate under Tier 3, the rules are as follows;

    Pubs and bars, such as the Albion Tap, can only remain open where they operate as if they were a restaurant. This means serving “substantial” meals, like a main lunchtime or evening meal from their own kitchens with the relevant health and safety certificates in place and provided by us. They may only serve alcohol as part of such a meal and must ensure that they operate in a COVID-secure manner, including restrictions on table service and collect customer, visitor and staff data to support NHS Test and Trace.

    Venues in Oldham and Saddleworth that fail to comply with these restrictions may face fines of up to £10,000, prosecution, or in some cases closure.

    If you have any further enquires please contact us on licensing@oldham.gov.uk

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