Uppermill bus turning circle off limits to parents after amended signage erected

PARENTS OF Saddleworth School pupils will no longer be able to use the bus turning circle at Uppermill as a drop-off point after amended signage was erected to enforce traffic laws.

No entry signs at the turnaround were previously not enforceable – until a missing central sign was put in place by Oldham Council in July to prohibit access for vehicles except buses.

Now, parents dropping off or collecting their children from Saddleworth School are asked to find an alternative place, with fines for those disregarding the law from September 4.

A picture showing the signage at the bus turnaround in Uppermill (picture thanks to GMP Saddleworth and Lees)

GMP Saddleworth and Lees posted on their Facebook page: “A topic that always gets lots of comments has again come to the fore and now has to be dealt with.

“Using the bus turning circle at Uppermill to drop off and collect children from Saddleworth School will not be permitted from the start of the school new term on September 4.

“There is no access for vehicles apart from the buses that service the stop but due to one of three signs not being in place this was never enforceable.

“Oldham Council have now put the central sign in and the no entry signs are now enforceable, with the outcome of a fine for persons disregarding the signage.

“The safety of our young people is the number one priority and we cannot endorse our local community breaking road traffic law or knowingly run the risk one of our young people being injured or worse in a collision within the turning circle where buses frequently operate.

“We ask that you find an alternative location to drop your children off and collect for the start of the new term or better still consider using public transport or encourage your children whenever possible and feasible to walk to school.

“Immediately, the large car park area at the Saddleworth Sports Centre in Uppermill comes to mind. This has a bridal path that runs adjacent to the High Street and within a few mins of walking you are at the back of Saddleworth School.

“Parking spaces along the High Street near the school are none existent, we acknowledge this but we can’t have cars stopping on the double yellow lines at the school gates where our young people are crossing the road to enter school.

“This is a recipe for disaster and as a community we have to find a workable way to get children into school safely whilst observing road traffic law.

“In keeping our children safe will do our part and we ask that parents, guardians and carers of children attending Saddleworth school do theirs.”


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