Use ‘em or bin ‘em! Face masks becoming a new litter menace

THEY didn’t succeed in their ambitions to get elected but the Green Party’s Brian and Louise Banawich still want the community to face up to environmental issues.

That’s why the husband-and-wife team is urging businesses and individuals to make more use of and avoid discarding reusable face masks.

Louise with a single day’s collection of single use face masks collected in Greenfield

Louise stood in borough and Parish elections, finishing fourth in the voting for the latter and beating Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates in the process.

She said: ”Face masks are now almost as common as plastic bottles and cans in local bushes, pathways and playing fields.

“We are even fishing them out of local streams, reservoirs and canals where they pose a danger to wildlife.

“We are just asking people to be mindful of their choice of facemask if possible, and to properly dispose of single-use face masks.”

Brian, who was unsuccessful in Saddleworth South, added: “It’s estimated we are using over 50 million single use face masks each day.

“The vast majority will end up in landfill or as litter. Because they are made of plastics, they will take centuries to break down

“Face masks are going to be with us for the foreseeable future so making more use of reusable face masks not only saves money it also helps the environment.

“Where single-use face masks are not essential we should give some thought to using reusable masks if possible.”

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