Village split over new parking restrictions

BRIGHT YELLOW and white lines painted on historic cobbles in the heart of a village community have caused a stir among residents and businesses.

The markings have been added to The Square in Uppermill to enforce new parking regulations of a two-hour maximum stay between 8am and 6pm, and no parking on Wednesdays (market day) from 5am to 6pm. P14 yellow lines 4

The changes were made following a review by the Saddleworth and Lees Traffic and Transport Sub-committee but have drawn a mixed response from locals.

A shop owner in The Square, who wished to remain anonymous, admitted the new enforcements will be good for trade but criticised the visual effect of the lines.

“With the money they spent on the square, it’s a shame the lines have been slapped on and look so heavy-handed,” she said. “Aren’t the signs enough?

“The paint has run on the cobbles and dribbled everywhere – perhaps on tarmac it wouldn’t look as bad.

“And they have stuck a sign right in front of a hanging basket and made it useless. There will have to be a new one put in as you can’t even get at it to move it.

“But the restrictions are good for our customers who can park more easily and come into the shop. I would rather have it not looking very nice and people be able to come in.”P14 yellow lines 3

Objections to the markings have also been raised by numerous residents, which Councillor Lesley Brown reported to the Saddleworth Parish Council.

She said: “I have had so many complaints from people in Uppermill about the destruction of the cobble stones in The Square. They think it looks horrid and has spoiled the area.”

But some businesses welcomed the changes which they say will open up more spaces for shoppers and prevent people who work in the village from parking there throughout the day.

Staff at Eden Flowers said: “No one likes bright white and yellow lines but the cobbles are still there to give the feel to The Square.

“To be honest, we have found it better since the lines were painted. There used to be problems with cars parking on corners and preventing us unloading so this will stop that.

“Drivers will have to move on and that’s a benefit for us as we need people to be able to park so they can come in and shop.

“Before people had to find alternative places as shop owners and staff were parking there all day but now it will encourage people to come out if they know they can find a spot.P14 yellow lines 2

The lines are one of a number of changes across Uppermill after problem areas were highlighted by a questionnaire carried out by the Saddleworth Parish Council and the District Partnership.

Royce Franklin, Chair of the Saddleworth and Lees Traffic and Transport Sub-committee, said: “The restrictions on the Uppermill Square were originally discussed as long ago as November 2009.

“There was inordinate delay in implementing the order because of the Conservation status of The Square.

“From the review the speedy implementation of the order was one of the actions Highways were urged to carry out speedily.”

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Other changes to be implemented or already completed include:

  • Yellow lines in front of Warburton Court to be re-painted
  • Signage to all car parks at two main village entrances to be erected
  • Smithy Lane car park to be resurfaced, two-hour limit to remain
  • George V car park to be changed to three-hour maximum stay
  • Hare and Hounds car park to be changed to one-hour maximum stay and markings to be reconfigured to include nine spaces and one disabled space
  • New Street car park to keep no time limit
  • Museum car park to be reconfigured and footpath to canal added

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