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For heavens sake, ‘Horse shy of Dobross’, horses are omnivores, they only eat grass or derivatives of it so their poo isn’t toxic – why do you think people buy it to put on their gardens?

Perhaps cows and sheep should wear nappies in case they escape – or perhaps you’d be happier living in a city?

Horse lover, Saddleworth (by email)

Well done ‘horse shy’ who complained in last month’s Independent about horse riders not cleaning up after their pets.

I took my young family to the Pennine 1940’s weekend – which was an excellent event – only to discover horses had left their vile ‘calling cards’ on the road outside the Church Inn in front of St Chads Church. How disgusting!

Before the horsey set say the excrement isn’t harmful, let them answer this: would they like horse droppings outside their front door?

Time they cleaned up their act – literally!

The authorities should fine them, just like dog owners whose pets defecate in public spaces, and they should be compelled to remove the mess their horse has made instead of leaving it to someone else.

Disgusted mother of four, Uppermill (sent by email)


p8 cyril fogg HARVEST COLLECTION IN SCOUTHEADCyril Fogg captured this wonderfully seasonal picture of hay bales being collected in a meadow next to the A62 Scouthead.

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THE Dobcross Village Community (DVC) executive committee would like to thank Oldham council officers, Michele Carr and Paul Groves, Cllr David Hibbert and MP Debbie Abrahams for their invaluable contribution our public information meeting on issues surrounding our village roads.

We were pleased the council officers stayed for nearly two hours after the meeting ended to continue to listen to residents.

The council officers and councillor Hibbert’s promise and commitment to listen to our concerns were appreciated.

We look forward to continuing and developing our dialogue with them in the sincere hope we make progress to address these issues.

Our thanks also goes to more than 120 residents who attended our meeting at Dobcross Band and Social Club and offered their support to our committee’s endeavours.

Pamela Rose, chair, DVC.

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I WAS glad the people of Saddleworth finally got to have a say at the public meeting in Dobcross over the highways concerns in the village.

I asked for these discussions in public about two and a half years ago and have met with officers and the cabinet member on a number of occasions.

Positive engagement usually produces better results and I would urge people to approach the issue in this manner.

I am glad there were many valid points raised at the meeting and I expect they will be discussed in great detail in Oldham.

We now need a sensible traffic management system. I have suggested there is enforceable access only through Dobcross centre and to address the parking issues on Dobcross New Road as is being discussed with parking on Huddersfield Road in Diggle.

I have also suggested that enhancing the turning circle on Dobcross New Road rather than proposed drop off points opposite the Navigation Inn could help alleviate the rat run through Dobcross.

In Diggle it needs to be clear that students can walk in from any drop off points safely and buses can get through without getting stuck at the thinner parts of the road.

The residents affected by parking restrictions need to be able to have access to off-road parking but any restrictions need to be enforced from day one.

I would urge residents to engage with suggestions when any formal highways options are proposed so issues are addressed properly and we still get a new secondary school in Saddleworth.

Garth Harkness, OMBC Councillor for Saddleworth North Ward


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  1. How attitudes have changed towards horse droppings in the road (Letters August Edition). As a child growing up in Springhead in the 50s and 60s, the rag and bone man with his horse and cart, and the milkman – Stanley Yates delivered his milk this way too – were a common sight. When a pile of droppings appeared in the road, mum used to have one of us kids go out with a bucket and shovel it up for our garden. Come on Disgusted mother of 4 Uppermill, and Horse shy of Dobcross, take advantage of this free, delivered to your door manure and put it on your roses.

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